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Celebrations in Jerusalem, Slaughter in Gaza

By Jeremy Salt

Israel frequently claims its ‘right’ to exist. In fact, states do not exist by right and neither do they have a right to exist. They continue to exist because they have a strong army, capable of taking land and imposing their rule on the native population.Israel frequently claims its ‘right’ to exist. In fact, states do not exist by right and neither do they have a right to exist. They continue to exist because they have a strong army, capable of taking land and imposing their rule on the native population.

How Musharraf became a Billionaire?


They exist because they have the support of their people, even, eventually, those they have conquered. They exist because they rule with the consent of the people, as represented in consultation and democratic forms of government. They exist because they get on well with their neighbors. They exist because they form strong alliances with countries more powerful than themselves and because, globally, they form a community of nations committed to the rules that govern them all. This does not mean that they do not break them, because they often do, but they do not live in their permanent breach.

Protestors in Gaza


Israel meets only two of these criteria. It has a strong army and a strong relationship with a distant power, the US, but it does not have the support of the people, defined not just as those living within the territory on which the state was established but those who are entitled to live within that territory. As applied to Israel the word ‘democracy’ is a fiction, and not just because of discrimination against Palestinians living within the state or because of the suppression of the human rights of Palestinians living in the territories seized in 1967. It is a fiction because in 1948 the first act of the government of Israel was the expulsion of the majority of people living on the land it conquered. It is not just that they cannot vote. They cannot even live on the land, as is their inherent and legal right. No state founded on this basis can be called a ‘democracy.’ (Read Full Story)

9 June 2018


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India's River Diversion Plan and South Asia's Waters

More dams are to come, as India’s need to power its economy means it is quietly spending billions on hydropower in Kashmir. The Senate report totted up 33 hydro projects in the border area with Pakistan. The state’s chief minister, Omar Abdullah, says dams will add an extra 3,000MW to the grid in the next eight years alone. Some analysts in Srinagar talk of over 60 dam projects, large and small, now on the books. (This special report has appeared in the Bulletin on Current Affairs - February 2012, you may have to Buy the print edition to read full story)

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