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Talk of an independent Kashmir was wrong, Farooq Abdullah

Status Quo on Kashmir to be accepted by both India and Pakistan, advises Farooq Abdullah. (Subscribe to the Economist magazine now in India, Pakistan & Bangladesh).

Farooq Abdullah, however, said that talk of an independent Kashmir was wrong as it is landlocked and surrounded by three nuclear powers - China, Pakistan and India.

National Conference president Farooq Abdullah said today that Pakistan-administered Kashmir belongs to Pakistan and the fact would not change no matter how many wars are fought over the issue.

"I tell them in plain terms -- not only the people of India, but also to the world -- that the part (of Jammu and Kashmir) which is with Pakistan , belongs to Pakistan and this side to India. This won't change. Let them fight how many wars they want to. Both sides need to talk about the situation so that we live in peace," Mr Abdullah said.

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Mr Abdullah further said that talk of an independent Kashmir was not a good idea as the Valley is landlocked and surrounded by three nuclear powers -- China, Pakistan and India.

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"We are landlocked. On one side we have China, Pakistan on the other side and India on the third side. All three of them have atom bombs and we have nothing except Allah's name. Those who are talking about Azadi, are talking wrong," the former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister said.
He also said that while Kashmiris had decided to join India out of love, the country has "betrayed" the people of Kashmir and did not treat them well.


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September 12, 2017

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